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Family Portraiture


Learn to Capture Pro-Like Portraits of your Family

A technically perfect photo is nothing without composition...


Composition and lighting is the foundation of good portrait photography.  You can take a technically perfect photograph (which is pretty easy with cameras today), with amazing details, great contrast, full dynamic range and color.... and still the image doesn't work without strong composition and good lighting  Learn to capture creative portraits and to refine your style and artistic vision!

Topics include:

·       Framing your subjects

·       Rule of thirds

·       Working with reflections

·       Background and foregrounds

·       Unique viewpoints

·       Working with Textures and Patterns

·       and a whole lot more...

·       All you need is a camera.  Any kind of camera is fine.  Film, Digital or iPhone.


Class is 3 Hours, $95/person and is limited to 4 people.

You can register on-line using the link below, send me an email, call or stop by the gallery.  Dates are reserved once payment is made.  Sessions are limited to 4 students and are $95.00.  Each class is 3 hours in length. 

CONTACT  Phone:  845-534-4164       

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