Print Making

During this workshop we will take your IMAGE and turn it into a work of ART!  

Printing your own work is an exciting and rewarding experience completes your taking process. Learn how to create a print that illustrates your vision as a visual artist. 

Join me for a workshop focused on the art and craft of digital printmaking. I will help you choose the right paper for your image, share my workflow process and together we will create a frame worthy print. 

During this 2 hour class, you will learn about printing your images and you will leave with a Signature Print of your favorite image.  The image can be something you took with a DSLR, a point and shoot camera or even our cell phone.  Learn the difference between print types to include:

  • The Giclee Print
  • Ink Jet Printing​
  • The importance of Archival Ink and Paper
  • Types of Paper and how they affect your print

Save your favorite digital image for you and your family to enjoy or generations to come!  
I have a beautiful printed image of my mother taken in 1935. It is a family treasure.  

Print your images so they last for generations.  

          Register On-Line Here                                                                                                

      Class is 2 Hours, $175/person and is a private session.

  Sessions are limited to 4 students and are $175.00.  One Archival Print is included in the session fee. 

Phone:  845-534-4164